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For the plot

14 beautiful and unpretentious plants that require little care

If you do not have allergies, you probably love flowers. Growing them in your garden gives not only beauty on the summer table, but also the opportunity to work with your hands, immerse yourself in a kind of meditation. If you are not enthusiastic about gardening, but want to fill the garden with flowers, select any of the 14 options below.
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Dress in the Greek style, which can be sewn in an hour

Maxi dresses for many seasons do not go out of fashion. This length looks favorably on any shape and allows you to feel comfortable in hot weather. Fashionable items in ethnic style can be stitched in just an hour, if you follow a few simple guidelines. You will need: Thin knitwear (can be replaced with another flowing fabric); scissors; pins; sewing machine The dress will take a cut of fabric equal to its length and a width of 150 cm.
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For the House and Cottages

How to turn your home into a New Year fairy tale in just 1 hour

If you want to decorate your home in a New Year's theme and create a special atmosphere in the house, but there is absolutely no time for this, we suggest you to make colorful and bright paper garlands. Garlands can be hung not only on the Christmas tree, but also on windows, doors, walls and even the ceiling. Yes, and make them very simple. Even a child with such work is able to cope.
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Want to spoil the pasta? Add oil to boiling water

Pasta can be the easiest to cook. To throw noodles into boiling water and fill them with sauce, special skills are not required. However, not everything is as simple as it seems. It is quite possible that you make mistakes over and over again in preparing this simple meal. Most salt water in advance, and also adds some vegetable oil so that the noodles do not stick together during cooking.
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For a holiday

20+ ideas how to make Christmas cuts. Simple and beautiful

Even the simplest dish can be made unusually festive if it is originally designed and served. Beautifully sliced ​​and unfolded products will not only improve the appetite with their appearance, but also decorate the table on New Year's Eve. In addition, you can put the Christmas tree not only in the living room, but also on your holiday table, multiplying the fabulous and magical atmosphere in the house!
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